Why I’m Using Skratch Labs Hydration Drinks

When I’m training for triathlons there’s nothing worse than when in either a hard training day or a tough race when I know I haven’t hydrated enough or when I have hydrated with the wrong drink… I feel like crap.

It’s that dance we do as athletes as we swim, bike and run to our next goal…

Am I fueling my body well? Am I hydrated with the right drink? How’s my salt intake? Am I’m going to just pass out in this heat because I didn’t do something right? Did I eat enough? Am I eating enough?

I’m constantly trying new things and when it comes to hydration… I have finally found my perfect drink for those long rides and pounding runs.

Skratch Labs.

Orange flavor shown (Lemon/Limes, Raspberry & Pineapple also available)

This drink is very precise as for what’s in it and is all-natural.

Here are the two things I love about Skratch Labs Hydration drinks.

  • Skratch Labs taste good. There are so many sports drinks out there that taste overwhelming to me. I used to water them down because of it. When you are out on a bike in the heat, the last thing you want is that overwhelming taste of something when all you are really wanting is your thirst to be quenched and your body to be hydrated. Skratch Labs drinks are very lite on taste for that very reason. In fact, I think it tastes more like water with hints of flavor… not overwhelming at all.
  • Skratch Labs drinks are good for you. Yes. I know what you are thinking… aren’t all sports drinks good for you? Not in my opinion… a lot of them have too much sugar or not enough electrolytes in them. Skratch has the right amount of everything you need and because of this, there’s no gut rot during a ride or run… which is a huge thing to consider if your tummy feels weird on long rides or runs.

You shouldn’t have to be worried about how your tummy is feeling during training or races… with Skratch Labs, I never have to worry.

Every time I use Skratch Labs, I catch myself thinking about how great I’m feeling… especially how I feel on the inside. This isn’t normal for me because there’s always something that wasn’t right for me in the past when it came to how I was feeling from the nutrition side of things.

So… If you were sitting in front of me right now, I would go on and on about it… I’d have you trying Skratch on your next training session. But instead, I’m going to encourage you to pop over to their site and place an order. It’s inexpensive and I promise… you will love it.


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