Why I Loved Riding The Roubiax Specialized Road Bike

Recently my favorite local bike shop, Café Velo, hosted a demo ride day with Specialized Bikes.

First, if you are in Colorado Springs, you should stop by Café Velo. It’s a coffee shop and bike shop all in one! I mean really. Who doesn’t like sitting around really cool bikes while sipping a little java and watching a cycling race on TV. I love it. Plus, this shop is very triathlete friendly which is a huge plus in my book.

Back to the demo ride with Specialized.

When I’m not traveling and have the time, I typically go for a group ride with LifeTime Fitness Cycling Club. This particular Saturday we all demo’d Specialized Bikes… Hosted by Café Velo.

I had reserved a bike before I had arrived. Not knowing what I really wanted to ride I ended up on a Specialized Roubaix Expert with Ultegra Di2 shifters.

 Oh man… was it ever smooth, tight and light!

Now… I’ve ridden a couple of specialized bikes in the past and loved it. But this was amazing. In fact, everyone riding that day had different Specialized bikes and everyone loved to experience. I was secretly coveting the Venge series bike. I have a feeling if Batman was into cycling, he’d have this bike.

The Roubiax for me was a welcome change for me to ride. Before we started, I stood with the bike and kept lifting the handle-bars so the front end of the bike would come off the ground. I kept saying to my friends around me… “This bike is so light! Is yours? I mean really! Look at how light this thing is!”  It’s hard to believe something that weighs so little will carry a person for hundreds of miles over time with very little problems.

As I left the parking lot, I took a little time to get used to the Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifters… electronic shifters.  I had seen them before but had never used them. To say I was slightly spoiled would be an understatement. Shifting was perfectly smooth and it all happened with the touch of a button. Four buttons to be exact. They are in the same positions as regular shifters and do the very same thing… but with ease. One of the highlights was knowing the shifters would trim out into smoothness when going from the big chain ring to small chain ring and vice versa.

I think the biggest thing to get used to when shifting was not hearing the gears shift. The electronic component on the crank makes a small electrical sound but it sounds really cool.

As I road, I could feel how light the bike was and the cassette on the back wheel was just what I needed to get up a category 3 climb with relative ease. At 6,500 feet in altitude…. I need all the ease I can get!

Because this bike felt so light and tight, there were times when the second I would pedal harder, I felt like the bike was going to run out from under me. Again… I was amazed and could tell… this awesome bike I’m sitting on has a lot more going on than meets the eye.

I’ve been looking at getting a new road bike for a while. When I moved to Colorado Springs all I had and still have is a Cervelo P2 Triathlon bike, which I have always loved. Colorado Springs has these long hills and riding in Colorado is not tri bike friendly like it was in Nashville. Plus… my brother-in-law, Biju Thomas, has been bugging me for a while now to get a road bike and only use the TT bike for races.

I agree and I’m pretty sure that when the time comes, it’s going to be Specialized.

For you cyclists and triathletes reading this, what road bike are you riding and why? 


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  • David Meredith

    I ride a Cannondale Synapse (aluminum) road bike  – which I love, and just last week I ordered a Quintana Roo CD 0.1 TT bike.  I have also recently purchased a set of Zipp 404’s from a friend which I plan on using on both bikes.  

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      those are great bikes. I saw the TT bike you are getting recently… I might have fallen in love with it’s looks just a bit:) those 404’s will look awesome on them too!

  • Brian Lemmings

    I am riding a K2 mod 4.0 — always in the window shopping market, but the bike has performed well for me.

  • http://www.transitionministriesgroup.com/ Bud Brown

    I bought one a couple years back. I’ve put a lot of miles (and tires) on it. Had it serviced a couple of times. It’s be a reliable, comfortable bike that corners like it’s on rails.

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