Van Halen And The Brown M & M’s

If you have followed rock n roll folklore, you might have heard that Van Halen would request that all brown M & M’s be removed from the M & M’s requested on their Tour Rider. (A rider is a set of requests that a performer will set as criteria for performance)

As sited in Wikipedia, The objective of this wasn’t due to any excesses on the part of the band, but was a method to determine how much attention to detail the crew at a local venue paid to the requests specified in the rider. Should the bowl be absent, or if brown M&Ms were present, it would give band members reason to suspect other, legitimate, technical and safety issues were also being performed poorly or were outright overlooked. David Lee Roth stated in his autobiography that this request was done as a result of faulty workmanship at a venue on an earlier tour which nearly cost the life of a member of Van Halen’s road crew, as well as $85,000 damage to the venue and their own equipment.[1]

Any time I hear this story while I’m on the road with artists, I often think.

I wonder what small details I’m missing in my personal and professional life which cause me to slack on the big stuff in life?

Do you ever wonder that for yourself?


The views expressed here are those of a personal nature and do not reflect the corporate view of my employer or anyone else who employee my services.
  • SpenceSmith

    I like that Lynn… The real winners are those with creativity, obsession with the details and "do it now" urgency…. so true!!! thanks for the comment.

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  • SpenceSmith

    Thanks Allison for your comment. When i went through my divorce i experienced the same thought… the little details are so important for the bigger things in life. Sometimes i feel like i need to re-evaluate myself and make sure i'm still tending to the littles things.

  • Manisha Shahane

    I couldn't agree more. There are the little things in our day-to-day lives that are important for us to keep doing to take care of ourselves, even in times of crisis. (Easier said, than done.) Also, on a slightly different note, just earlier this week I was just talking with my husband about how, in relationships of all kinds, we often let the little things slide, because they seem "little". Yet, in fact, those are often the things that build up over time. If left unaddressed, they fester until some "little thing" is the last straw.

    • SpenceSmith

      Manisha… i couldn't gree more with your comment. those little things can add up so much when over looked just because they are the little things. thanks for the great comment.

  • Jeri

    Very cool post. What details am I missing? Calls for mindful living and slowing down some. Thank You for this post.

    • SpenceSmith

      slowing down some… yep. i could use a little of that too! thanks for the comment.

  • DerekDRobertson

    We are always in a hurry and just want to get it done. Unfortunately in the process we overlook things. Great post.

    • SpenceSmith

      same here… i feel like most of my life is in a hurry. i guess it's time to slow down some. thanks for the comment and it was great seeing you and your wife the other day.

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  • Ani

    Van Halen?! My oldest brother used to listen to them. They are still alive?
    Small things ummmmm. I don't like blogs like this. You go back to your tri and music okay, stop writing. Every time you write something I have to make my brains work. The first thing comes to mind is taking time. Taking time for God, for myself, for family, friends. Taking time to just sit and listen to the sea and stormy wind, watch how the birds let the wind take them higher. And now I realize they aren't actually small things, they are the big things that keep me moving to do the other big things. Okay, I don't have that much time lately to go on internet but this was good to check.

    Yesterday I wanted to look at your blog and it was in maintenance. So as nosy as I am I just wanted to see what happened. And I have to say Mr. Smith, you've done a great job. It's beautiful. I noticed the last time you changed the colour but I like that you change and change and look for new ideas. I love it when new things come out of it. It's great! And I'm sure it can always be better and more efficient and more beautiful. I like the colour but I'm wondering if you can't add or change something to make it better? There is something but I just can't figure out what but I'm sure you will. I know this doesn't add anything to your post today. But I just wanted to let you know. Have a great weekend. Bye bye.

    • SpenceSmith

      ok. I'll stop writing now… whatever! you see my friend… i write these posts and it challenges me just as much! it's like i'm preaching to myself but with others reading along:)

      ok… i love your input so keep it coming!

      • Ani

        Oh my God! Hahaha, slow down! I didn't mean it that way. What I meant was your posts challenge me, okay. I need to be challenged but it's not always pleasant to be challenged. I know in the end it sure is a good thing. In this busy time I'm in right now I don't have that much time to get on the internet and check on blogs but of all the blogs I used to visit, yours the one I visit most. That must count for something. Oh well, you probably didn't expect me to write that and maybe it didn't sound nice. Whatever indeed! And I still appreciate you.

        • SpenceSmith

          that's funny Ani… Thanks for stopping by my blog the most:) I thought your comment sounded just fine to me… you are always nice!

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