The Sunday Post – Things To Come

the_sunday_post_spence_smithI’m bringing back The Sunday Post. It’s a highlight of blog sites I think you should check out. It’s a short list but Sunday’s seem like a good day to throw a few places out there for you to check out.

So, for this Sunday Post, I’m going to tell you about some things to come.

1. We are starting up We’ve decided since we still have quite a few fans out there that we want to re-connect with them and bring them into what we are doing as individuals and…as a band. We’ve been talking about playing a few shows again and we feel like this year might actually be the year for it.

2. cRE:ate Blog Conference and Expo will be going online soon. This will be a one day event in Franklin, TN on August 7, 2009. Cost is $99. We will have some great keynote speakers and break out sessions that will cover everything from Mom Bloggers, Church Bloggers, CEO Bloggers, Getting a book deal through blogging, Social Networking etc.

3. LifeWork 2.0 Seminars seem to be picking up quite a bit of speed. We will be annoucing soon two different kinds of LifeWork 2.0 classes. One will be the very basics of blogging and social networking. Randy and I will walk you through ALL of the info you need to start your blog and social network profiles well. Links, headers, photos, content, basic search engine optimization, and maximizing your profiles. The second class will be advanced blogging, social networking and SEO. This will be a very intense one day class to give you every possible tool available to do what you want to do online.

Believe me… there are some amazing things you can do that are so easy to engage your fans and clients online.

4. I’m taking Emerson Drive to El Salvador tomorrow for the week. April 13-16 I’m taking a few folks from the Southern Gospel world to the Dominican Republic. April 24-May 3 I will be in India with and the week of May 4 I will be filling in on drums with a band while their drummer’s wife has a baby that week.

Yep, and in the middle of all of that I will continue to train for Ironman Louisville. Crazy I know…


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  • Lindsey_Nobles

    I am jealous of all your adventures. I can't wait to read all about them.