The Struggle For A Healthy Life Is All In My Head

The struggle for a healthy life is all in my head. It’s a mental game. At least that’s what I think it is.

I have some goals fitness goals for myself for 2014 that lead into 2015. As some of you know, when I was blogging a lot more, I would throw out my goals on my blog so that my friends who read this blog can help keep me accountable.

For years I have always been just a little heavier than I would like to be. Granted. Not a lot by comparison to some. At different times in the last few years I’ve been anywhere from 10lbs to 25 lbs heavier than I would like. Yes, I would be heavier even while swimming, biking and running. But the problem is I love to eat and when you are exercising like that, the end result is you want to eat anything put in front of you.

Healthy_LifeWell, at 43 I can’t do that like I used to. So the real struggle here isn’t getting the exercise. That part is easy. It’s choosing to eat the right foods and the right amount.

And yes, it’s a struggle for me. I grew up in the south where all things fried and fattening was the norm.

I’ve tried just about everything you can imagine to lose weight, but it does really all come down to me taking control and saying no to some things and yes to others.

Last year, I trained for the Boulder Half Ironman (70.3 Miles). Now, know that I had already raced in Ironman Louisville (140.6 Miles) in 2009. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Having had that experience, I’ve been mental tough enough for any race to come my way. However, training for Boulder 70.3 was a different story. I put in just enough training to get across the finish line… and that wasn’t enough.

When I crossed the finish line at Boulder 70.3 I had decided to change everything I was doing and start over. Yes, I was mentally tough enough to finish. But physically – even though the race was half the distance of Ironman Louisville – I felt worse than ever before. I had a better race doing a full Ironman of 140.6 miles than doing the half Ironman of 70.3 miles.

There were several factors involved in my lack of training. But the biggest is I didn’t take myself seriously enough to be where I needed to be.

So for now, no more long course ( Ironman and Half Ironman Distance ) triathlons until I’m in the place I want to be physically.

My goals for 2014 are small in number.

  • Drop my weight to below 190lbs. I’m currently at 215lbs.
  • Focus on running.
  • Compete in several 5k’s 10k’s and half marathons to improve my race times for running.

Why this combo of goals?

Of the three sports in triathlon, my worst is running. I used to hate running but now I love it. The problem is when I have this extra weight on me, it’s much harder. I am running faster in Colorado on average. But the facts are simple. I will be a more efficient and faster runner if I drop some pounds.

I will continue to swim and bike throughout the year in my training. As I drop weight, I will actually improve in these other sports as well. I’ve been at a point with swimming and biking that if I improve just a little and get faster on my run I will be set for something I want to do in 2015.

In 2015, I will start back up with racing in triathlon. But for the first time since I started doing triathlons in 2007, I will race for time and position in my age group. I want to compete on a level that will take me to USAT Age Group Nationals in either Sprint or Olympic distance races.

Those distances are really fun and by that time, I will be where I need to be to get to that goal.

It’s all a process and I’ve recognized the process has to start in my head first so that the body will follow.

It’s a great reminder that whenever we have goals or want to overcome something in our lives, it starts with wanting to do it, deciding to do it and planning out the boundaries and criteria that will help you do it.

And the body will follow.

It’s in this struggle that we can realize the power we have to do something great in our lives. I really believe that.

It’s all in my head.

Is it all in your head?


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  • Doug G

    Hey Spence…

    I heard a very successful person state one time that, “nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific” So true, While we all may have goals, stating them, looking at them and living them I think makes them become so real and obtainable.

    It does help to live in a healthy state for sure….a big reason my family and I are moving there this year.

    PS – To your question..some of it is in my head for sure, but I working on writing them down and living them

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