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Re-Connecting People To Life

I’d say it’s been a little while since I’ve written on this little blog. I can’t say that I’ve worried about it, but I would say I’ve missed it. A lot. What I’ve missed most about it is how simple blogging can be. Think about something you want to say and just write about it. […]

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Surviving A Rough Transition

Last week I raced in the Boulder Tri Series Sprint Triathlon. It was a short distance race and I’ve raced in my fair share of them. I was using this race as a gauge to see where I sit physically. The first 5 months of this year where a little tough getting my training in […]

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When Patience Is A Virtue Of Training


It’s the one word that kept running through my head as I was in the middle of a tough workout on my bike recently. It was a grueling 90 minutes. Not just for my body but for my mind as well.

I’m training for a few triathlon races this summer. I’m back with my coach and I love her style. She has me training within certain Hear Rate (HR) zones during each workout. Zones 1 and 2 are easier while zone 3, 4 and 5 are harder. You could imagine that zone 5 is at the top of the HR zones and really, really tough to maintain for a long period of time… not really recommended in fact.

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Are You Ready For 2013?

In just a couple of days, 2013 will be here and the question is…

Are you ready for 2013?

The beginning of 2013, like most beginnings of the new year brings with it new years resolutions, new commitments and renewed energy to do something different or change bad habits in to good habits.

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Why I Loved Riding The Roubiax Specialized Road Bike

Recently my favorite local bike shop, Café Velo, hosted a demo ride day with Specialized Bikes. First, if you are in Colorado Springs, you should stop by Café Velo. It’s a coffee shop and bike shop all in one! I mean really. Who doesn’t like sitting around really cool bikes while sipping a little java […]

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Meeting Goals Through A Series Of Challenges

I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more I need to set goals and challenge myself more in the process of meeting my goals. When I’m setting goals through out the year, I tend to think of my year in seasons. Yes… I know we have four seasons of the year […]

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