I’m Alive In The Age Of Worry… Are You?


Yesterday I was out for a run. Had my headphones in and my iPod on listening to songs that would keep me moving a little faster than I felt like going. In my list are a few John Mayer songs and I had just put some songs in my list from his newest album Born and Raised… which I love. The lyrics I put below are to the 2nd song on the album. It’s called The Age Of Worry. I had listened to this song a lot but didn’t pay as close of attention to the lyrics as I did on the run. A couple of things I thought of when I listened more closely to this song. I love how John Mayer has been writing songs that show us what he has been learning and experience in his life as he gets older. He has … [Read more...]

Meeting Goals Through A Series Of Challenges


I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more I need to set goals and challenge myself more in the process of meeting my goals. When I’m setting goals through out the year, I tend to think of my year in seasons. Yes… I know we have four seasons of the year but I mean season like this… For work… the fall touring season leading into Christmas, spring touring season and summer. Fall and Spring tour seasons are packet with travel out on tours and summer is the slow time. For Family… School season, Holidays, Spring break and the summer break. Our families year revolves around school schedule. For Triathlon… May thru September is race season for me. October – April is some form of … [Read more...]

When Quitting IS an Option… But Giving Up On Life ISN’T

Do not give up

A few weeks ago I raced Ironman Boulder 70.3… A half Ironman distance triathlon race. 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles cycling and a 13.1 mile run = 70.3 miles in one race. I knew what I was in for… a really long tough day, but I was determined to take it on. Mentally I was prepared as well. I’ve had my share of tough races and have even completed a full distance Ironman race in Louisville.. 140.6 miles. So I knew coming into this race would be more about what I could mentally handle instead of what my body could handle. As the race started I was feeling pretty good. The swim felt comfortable and the bike felt great until around mile 40. This was where the day started going south … [Read more...]