The Process Of IronMan Training

ironman1I haven’t written much about my Ironman training lately. Quite honestly, it’s been a bit tough. Between the cold weather for the past few months, travel and work, I’ve had a harder time sticking to the scheduled task at hand. But now that the weather is getting really nice, that will all change.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of what I am going through. Each week I get a work out plan from my coach, but it’s up to me to make it happen. I’m very thankful for the friends I train with and the encouragement we all bring to each other. Especially when most people think this is something I’m doing alone. I’m not sure i could handle this alone, which is why I love training with friends. There’s a core group of us, I would say at least 20 that are connected together. Whether it is swim practice, bike class, weekend rides and runs… we all are trying to do this together is some form or fashion of a schedule.

There are two things I’m learning in this process. The first is learning to prioritize life to make life simple. I have a lot going on and it’s all by choice. So you might wonder what is simple about that? There’s a lot I want to do and in order to get it done, the process has to be efficient. Compassion, blogging, ironman training, etc… it all has it’s place in my life and some of these things are starting to run themselves with a little attention. But in the end… the desired result is to simplify.

The second thing I’m learning is to be mentally prepared. The ironman event is physically taxing, but the real challenge is going to be… can I mentally get through it? There is every opportunity to quit and say this is enough. But… if you learn to think the process through, then the finish line is always in sight.

With these two truths I have learned about myself I have come into a process of planning and preparation. These play a huge role in my training. But it begs the question though .. doesn’t planning and preparation speak true of most things in life? You have to plan and prepare if you want to do well. Especially if you want to hit your goals and realize your dreams.

The more I focus… the more I get done. With everything in my life…

So… as you go into your weekend. What is it that you could plan and prepare for more in your life that would make what you do more focused and more productive?