Vaccinating Our Young Girls… From Prostitution


Last week when we were in India, we talked a little about sex trafficking and prostitution and what compassion is doing on the ground to get these sweet girls in our program from getting caught up in it all. Because we always are partnered with the local church, it's normal for girls to be taught how to look out for the danger signs and the lure of prostitution. It's dealt with in some level in so many countries we work in. We saw it in India but Thailand is big on this list when it comes to the problem. Below is an article I was given written by one of our staff in Thailand. It's eye opening and after reading this know that sponsoring a child helps make this all possible. Just … [Read more...]

Meeting Sponsor Children Is Always A Great Experience


One of the greatest moments is watching sponsors meet their sponsor kids and today was all about that. Angie, Melissa, Robin, Anne, Patricia, Shaun and Becky all met their kids today and we all had a blast with the great moments that happened.(That's me and Angie's sponsor child, Sangita, in the picture above.) We took the kiddos over to Science City (think Mad Max for kids and parts of the Water World set that never made it in the movie) where we got to see Everest in a REALLY old IMAX theater. The only problem was the film looked really cold and yet... it was still 120 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!! After the IMAX we went over to the 3D Science Show which I just couldn't resist trying to fit … [Read more...]

Street Kids, Prostitutes, Slums and A Better Future


I’m going back and forth on what to write. Today we saw enough for me to blog on for an entire week and still probably not cover it all. So with that I will just give you this thought. We went to a slum near our hotel where the Church partnered with Compassion has helped turn this community slowly around over years of hard work. This area is big on drugs, drinking, prostitution, and street kids. People were everywhere and it was a little bit of an overwhelming experience as we walked through the neighborhood and visited homes of children in the Compassion program. I loved the walk we took. People where staring at us and life was happening before our eyes in ways we just don’t see in … [Read more...]