Why I Loved Riding The Roubiax Specialized Road Bike


Recently my favorite local bike shop, Café Velo, hosted a demo ride day with Specialized Bikes. First, if you are in Colorado Springs, you should stop by Café Velo. It’s a coffee shop and bike shop all in one! I mean really. Who doesn’t like sitting around really cool bikes while sipping a little java and watching a cycling race on TV. I love it. Plus, this shop is very triathlete friendly which is a huge plus in my book. Back to the demo ride with Specialized. When I’m not traveling and have the time, I typically go for a group ride with LifeTime Fitness Cycling Club. This particular Saturday we all demo’d Specialized Bikes… Hosted by Café Velo. I had reserved a bike before I … [Read more...]

Changing Your Mindset To Overcome The Mental Struggle Of Exercise

Change your mindset

One of the hardest cycles to break out of is just getting into the gym or putting on those running shoes… and that first stride taken in the run. It’s a horrible mental struggle because the mind says the body doesn’t want to do it and yet it’s the body needs to do it and needs your mind to kick it’s butt out the door. When we are not healthy, we are more prone to laziness and not being motivated to exercise. And not just exercise, but when we aren’t healthy we are more prone to having no motivation to do well in life… relationships and work can suffer as well. In essence, our whole mindset needs to change. I know that when I’m in a more healthy place and I’m exercising, not … [Read more...]

Living A Healthy Lifestyle VS. Failing Another Diet


I’ve always felt like I’ve struggled with my weight or struggled with my confidence of what I think I looked like. It wasn’t until I got into running in 2004 that I really started to feel more confident about who I was and where I was going and how I perceived myself. Since coming off the road in 2000 from playing 200 shows a year, my life took a better turn in some respects but health wise, I actually got worse. In a four year period I gained 45lbs and it wasn’t 45lbs of muscle either. I was traveling still, but not as much, eating out constantly and sitting in meetings at Starbucks a few times a week. Today I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and still about 20lbs away from where I want … [Read more...]