Social Media In Moderation


When I first got into blogging, I found the whole experience to be fascinating. I couldn’t believe I could write about anything I wanted and that other people would randomly find it online using searchable words on Google. Then they would actually read and comment. I know, it must sound a little geeky for some of you but for me… it was a new frontier to be conquered. So I started blogging… almost every day. In 2007, I joined Twitter and my online life went to another level. The experience, again, was fascinating and I immediately saw the vast opportunity to connect and engage with people on a whole new level. At first, myself and my close friends who started on twitter in 2007 were … [Read more...]

How Engaging Online Is A Two-Way Street


When I engage someone in conversation, I’m expecting to have a… conversation. I say something… the other person responds… I say something again… the other person responds… you get the picture. Sometimes if a person is a master of conversation, I will hear… WOW so-and-so is such an engaging person; I love how they bring me right into conversation! Engaging people online is much the same way. As much as I’m into teaching people to engage others online, I had to check myself. Am I really engaging people online or am I throwing out thoughts as a monologue and not creating dialogue? To engage people online ultimately comes down to being willing to have conversation online. Write a post, … [Read more...]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Start With The Low Hanging Fruit


Sometimes I get so much on my plate I don’t know what to tackle first and I feel overwhelmed. Have you been there? When I’m advising people on how to beef up their online presence, they tell me the same thing… This feels overwhelming, where do I start? The first thing we talk about is taking care of the Low Hanging Fruit. What is low hanging fruit? says this.. “We have Mother Nature to thank for the expression low hanging fruit. A fruit-bearing tree often contains some branches low enough for animals and humans to reach without much effort. The fruit contained on these lower branches may be not be as ripe or attractive as the fruit on higher limbs, but it is … [Read more...]