Sunsets Lock Me Into Life

Whether I’m in Franklin, TN or traveling elsewhere, as long as there is a sunny day, I know there’s a good chance I’m going to get to see the sun set. When I know the setting I’m in is going to be perfect for a sunset, I will wait… and wait… and wait… until that last little bit of orange and yellow fall into the dark blue sky.

I will milk a sunset for all it’s worth, given the chance.

If I’m up early enough, I will bask in the awe of the sun as it wakes up the world around me. I’m truly amazed by the sun and how it affects me.

The other night, I witnessed yet again another amazing sunset. Sitting at a restaurant called Splashes in Laguna Beach. That is where I took the picture in this post. I felt like I was standing on the edge of the earth.

All I could think is this… Every time I see the sunset like this, it’s as if God is showing off a bit. Giving us the coolest HD experience of color, sound, and smells. It reminds me that every day ends the same way… the sun goes down and the stars come out.. and tomorrow, it all happens again.

The sunset locks me into my life. It reminds me to keep dreaming, wanting and desiring life to be all it can be… for me. The sun locks in on me as if God is saying… I’m done here for the day, shining my big bright light on you for the day. Now take the evening to think through your day and dream about what tomorrow may bring.

What does a sunset do for you?

What do you think when you experience one?

Are you taking time to watch the colors of the sky change?



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  • @carolynmejia

    i'm obsessed with sunsets… i plan my runs and bike rides for the best vantage point. reminds me how big god is and how little i am. and even in my smallness the sunsets feel like they are staged just for me. :)
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    • SpenceSmith

      I agree… I get the same feeling. Like they are just staged for me.

  • Brenda

    Sunsets remind me of our Creator.
    I think of my son who recently went home to be with the Lord, and wonder what he is seeing in heaven, and I long to be with him.

  • JasonWert

    I love a good sunset. I remember a special moment last summer when I was taking a drive down the Natchez Trace. I was just outside of a small town in Alabama and I turned the corner by a lake as the sun started to set. It was breathtaking to the point I had to stop the car, park along the road and just stand there listening to the waves slap the beach while I watched the colors change and fade.
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  • Shelia

    Sunsets have this fury, this intensity, that is almost painful. It is impossible to not feel vigorously alive when a sky like that wraps itself around you. Thank you for this.

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