Street Kids, Prostitutes, Slums and A Better Future

I’m going back and forth on what to write. Today we saw enough for me to blog on for an entire week and still probably not cover it all. So with that I will just give you this thought.
We went to a slum near our hotel where the Church partnered with Compassion has helped turn this community slowly around over years of hard work.

This area is big on drugs, drinking, prostitution, and street kids.

People were everywhere and it was a little bit of an overwhelming experience as we walked through the neighborhood and visited homes of children in the Compassion program. I loved the walk we took. People where staring at us and life was happening before our eyes in ways we just don’t see in the US. As my Indian friend from home told me… Your senses will be absolutely overwhelmed… My friend was right.

When I visit areas like this I’m reminded of the local stories we as sponsors don’t get to hear much about because we just aren’t there to hear them. And yet again, the evidence of things unseen for you and me when it comes to sponsoring a child looks like this.

While you were sleeping, church pastors and compassion works were trying to keep these kids…

From becoming these street kids…


And teaching these sweet girls…

To never become prostitutes.


Please sponsor a child.

It really makes a huge difference in the life of these kids.


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