Sometimes Proud Is The Only Word That Describes It

I’ve been running for years now… Training and competing in triathlons for the past few years. After running my first half marathon, I thought I was done.

Ok… checked that off the list. Now what.

Well then I wanted to do another race… then another… then another.

I caught the bug.

I transitioned into triathlon and have been strong arming some of my friends to try their first triathlon or running race.

This weekend, two good friends of mine who happen to be brothers, Bryan White and Daniel White are running the Oklahoma City Half Marathon.

I got Daniel to go after triathlons a couple of years ago and he talked his Bryan into running the half.

I’ve loved watching both of these guys catch the bug and I wish I could run with them this weekend.

So I’m just going to say…

I’m proud of these guys. Really, really proud of them.

It’s all about stepping out and doing something you wouldn’t ever think you would do and now Daniel is running his second half and Bryan is running his first.

Way to go guys!

Oh and by the way, Bryan is running to raise support for Food For The Hungry. I’d love it if you stepped on over to his fund raising page and pledged some of your hard earned money to support a great cause. 

Hey Bryan… this is just your first one. Meaning… there will be more races to come:)


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  • DanielCWhite

    Hey Spence, I’m not sure if I thanked you for this post. It truly made my day the day I read it. Thanks so much for your support of B and myself as well as FH. You’re a great friend and an awesome person! Honored to know ya big bro! :-)

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