Search Terms That Bug Me – Prostitutes In Kolkata, India

If you found this site through a search engine because you are looking for images of prostitutes in Kolkata, India, then you came to the WRONG PLACE. This isn’t that kind of website. However, if that’s something you are into, then drop on over to this site, IJM. I’m sure they would love to get your name and number and have a little conversation with you.

If you found my site because you are looking into the horrible nature of prostitution in India, then pop over to this post and this post. Compassion International is doing some amazing work on the local level in these countries.

So… interesting post so far?

When I check my blog stats, the picture you see is a screen shot of what I see every day. For those of you following along, these are the words people googled and found my site with those search terms. It’s because I’ve written or put pictures on my site and tagged them with these terms. It’s actually the beauty of Search Engine Optimization, which you can learn more about here.

I’ve seen this happening on my site for months and every time I see it I get really bugged. I’m mostly assuming the worst – which isn’t like me, but come on… it bugs me.

I guess I need to write more about U2’s 360 tour… Which I’m going to see again this summer.


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  • JasonWert

    Hopefully Spence it's someone wanting to learn more about the horrible problem so they can join the battle against it.

    It's worth hoping that was the case, right?

  • tory

    Wow…. that is sad.

    On a lighter note, I wouldn't mind seeing a few posts on U2. I attended their Pasadena show and am looking forward to the Oakland show. (The Fray will be the opening band; it was Black Eyed Peas in Pasadena) I'm SO looking forward to it.

  • Elaina

    I have weird search terms at times. Sometimes, they're combos of multiple posts and totally not connected to each other. I know others who have had ones that really upset them. If this had been a search term that brought someone to my blog, I'd be really upset. I like your suggestion to have them contact IJM though…