Lil Wayne To Perform Single Live For Facebook

lil_wayne_facebookMusic Industry. Pay attention to this one. Last week I talked about Engaging Your Fans. Here is a great reminder about the power of building your online brand to Engage Your Fans where they are, which is ONLINE. Lil Wayne and his people know how to build a following and sell some CD’s.

The quote at the bottom of this article says so much… “(It) goes to show you the only thing that can’t be done is what you don’t want to do.”
If you want to build a following like this, you can… you just have to want to. All it will cost you is time and a little now how.

Lil Wayne to perform single live for Facebook

By Mariel Concepcion

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Lil Wayne has announced a tentative April 7 release date for his next album, “Rebirth.” The set’s first single, “Prom Queen,” will debut live Tuesday (January 27) on Wayne’s MySpace page.

In addition, “Prom Queen” will debut Wednesday on the social networking site Facebook as part of a partnership between Lil Wayne and AT&T. The rapper will perform the single for the first time during a concert in San Diego, which will be streamed live on AT&T’s FREEdom of Choice and Mobile Music Facebook pages at 9:40 p.m. PT on January 28.

“We have streamed festivals and shows in the past, but this is the first time AT&T will stream a live performance for our Facebook pages,” AT&T spokesperson Heather Buffington told

According to Huffington, AT&T customers downloaded Lil Wayne ringtones more than any other artist last year. He’s also the most popular artist with a Facebook page, she said.

Contrary to previous reports that said the forthcoming Universal/Cash Money album would be titled “Tha Carter IV,” the rock-inspired “Rebirth” will not be the next installment in “Tha Carter” series or related to any previous album that Lil Wayne has released, according to his publicist.

Wayne’s move to a rock ‘n’ roll sound isn’t surprising, considering that he often plays guitar at his concerts and has aligned himself with rock artist Kevin Rudolf. He appears on the latter’s debut single, “Let It Rock,” which recently peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I might want to hear a certain sound like Prince, but I can’t pay him to play it. So, I picked up a guitar and learned how to play it,” Wayne told Billboard last year. “(It) goes to show you the only thing that can’t be done is what you don’t want to do.”

Lil Wayne will perform February 8 at the Grammy Awards.



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