I’m Moving To Colorado

I’m not really sure how to write this post.

It’s taken me three days to get to this version…

I wrote a version that was very detailed and emotional, but honestly… it was a little too much for me. So I’m just going to throw it out there and go into greater detail about some future plans in other posts.

Here it goes…

I’m moving to Colorado by June 1. It’s coming up pretty soon. For those of you who read my blog, follow me on twitter and are my friends on facebook, this will not be much of a change for you and our online interaction.

For those of you who live in Nashville and Franklin… this is a big change. In fact, I’m still rolling out the news to some friends but those I live in community with on a daily basis know this has been coming.

This has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a very long time and it all comes down to one word… Leaving.

Leaving Franklin… my friends… my community… my way of life… 15 years… it is nothing short of a big deal.

However, I’m moving for the best decision I’ve made in a long time…

I’m getting married to an amazing woman.

My fiancée lives in Colorado Springs with her two wonderful kids. So in order to take advantage of the kids summer break, transitioning to a new city, getting married and the simple fact that we want to live in the same town… I’m packing up the dreams God planted… (Sorry, couldn’t even resist that last line.)

I’m going to miss my Franklin campus the most and the triathlon community that swims, rides and runs all over Nashville. I’m going to miss my little cottage of a place on Main Street and walking down the street to eat and hang out with friends. I will miss my Nashville coworkers, who are some of my dearest friends, but I get to work with them daily and travel the world with them, so that’s good.

I’m really going to miss running Tuesdays, Thursday and Sunday’s with Randy and the great conversations we have. I’m going to miss Tuesday Night Mexican dinners and I’m really going to miss the Tuesday morning mentoring group. I will miss all of this more than you can imagine… I cherish every moment I can.

As for my job with Compassion International… it isn’t changing.

I’m still Artist Relations guy and have committed to be back in Nashville once month for meetings.

Our Compassion Artist Relations team in Nashville is very strong and growing in presence. Thankfully, I work for a boss (and an organization) who believes in our team’s ability to get the job done no matter where we live. I love that I work on a team that is strong, flexible and can be mobile at the drop of a hat.

I work with the best.

Moving to Colorado Springs is also going to give me the chance to dive into some other areas of focus Compassion is working on. Some projects which are very close to my heart and passion for influencing others to help children and their families who are living in poverty in the developing world.

So… There it is. If I could throw out a request it would be this… Please keep us in your prayers. Transition, planning a wedding, meeting new friends, blending a family, travel and work. It might make us a little crazy, but a little extra prayers wouldn’t hurt.

As is the fashion here on this blog, I generally ask a question…

What was the biggest transition you have been through?

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  • http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/ GailHyatt

    I love the fact that I get to be the first to comment on this post. Spence, it may go without saying, but it absolutely CANNOT go without saying YOU WILL BE MISSED. Your leaving is a “bitter-sweetness” for me. I’m thrilled for your new life and all the possibilities that lay before you. It’s truly exciting!! But there will be a hole left here.

    I know you’ll be back here as often as you can get here. Just make sure that you let us know when you’re coming and, if at all possible, make it on a Tuesday.

    You are very loved!!

  • http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/ GailHyatt

    I love the fact that I get to be the first to comment on this post. Spence, it may go without saying, but it absolutely CANNOT go without saying YOU WILL BE MISSED. Your leaving is a “bitter-sweetness” for me. I’m thrilled for your new life and all the possibilities that lay before you. It’s truly exciting!! But there will be a hole left here.

    I know you’ll be back here as often as you can get here. Just make sure that you let us know when you’re coming and, if at all possible, make it on a Tuesday.

    You are very loved!!

    • http://www.jondale.com Jon Dale

      Gail, we’ll look after him :-). I know he’ll be missed in Franklin, but we’re thrilled he’ll be landing here.

      Spence, yippee!!! Can’t wait to see you for more than a few hours every few months.

      • http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/ GailHyatt

        I know that will be true, Jon. I can’t think of him being in better hands. I guess we’ll just have to make a few trips to the Springs and see all ya’all!

        • http://www.jondale.com Jon Dale

          That’ll be great!

        • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

          yes… you will need to come to colorado… Buena vista is an easy drive… especially if it means time at mothers:)

      • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

        Well Jon… it’s time to hang out! I’ve got some fun plans for ole colorado springs and you are in it:) I can’t wait to see you too… and i can’t wait to come watch you do your first 70.3!

    • http://www.facebook.com/doug.leavy Doug Leavy

      Don’t worry Gail… Dale I and will TRY not to break him. He can be rather fragile. ;-)

      welcome to Colorado cough, cough “initiation” cough, cough

      • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

        let’s see… no air and a mountain bike? yep… take it easy on me please!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Gail. I’m so glad you were the first to comment! I will miss this place… more than you can imagine… actually, i’m sure you know how much. it is bitter-sweet but i’m excited about what is to come. I will be back often and i plan on letting you and mike know every time i’m back… thanks sooo much.

  • http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/ GailHyatt

    Oh, and one more thing. You will definitely have my prayers. Just remember to “Look at Your Feet.” (Reference to a blog post I wrote.)

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      oh my.. i love that post!

  • Doug

    Biggest transition you ask…being single, and then marrying a wonderful person with two amazing kids. It took me a while to get used to it…but my life has been richly blessed. Best wishes on your journey this summer…great changes indeed!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks Doug… I’m really looking forward to all of it:)

      • Doug

        It will be great…My family and I are planning to return to the Springs area or maybe Woodland Park in the next 6 months or so….miss the mountains!to the Springs area or maybe Woodland Park in the next 6 months or so….miss the mountains!

  • http://www.kylechowning.com/ Kyle Chowning

    I’m so happy for you Spence! God bless you as you transition into a new phase of life. May it be brimming with joy, happiness and fulfillment!

    I look forward to reading and hearing more about your new life.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks Kyle… I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon.

  • http://twitter.com/Drake_Jim Jim Drake

    Wow! Spence that is huge–but oh so pleased and happy for you. Many blessings my friend. Will you be back for RECREATE?

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Jim… Absolutely… I wouldn’t miss RECREATE for the world! also compassion is planning to sponsor again:)

  • http://www.cherylkosec.com Ckosec

    As a clergy family we’ve made so many transitions over the last 35 years, but I have to say the biggest transition that we’ve made has been our last move from IA to TX in October. Our one son and daughter-in-law had just moved to New Haven, CT and our other son and daughter-in-law live in MN and were expecting their first child and our first grandchild. It has been a huge adjustment going from only 5 hours to 24 hours away being so far away from our entire family and new grandchild. But as we’ve discovered in the last 7 months the plans that God has in store are always exciting!. Blessing to you in your transition-what an exciting time for y’all!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Cheryl… thats a huge transition. Especially when you want to be close to grand kids. thanks for the encouragement.

  • http://www.twitter.com/paulaboardman Paula Boardman

    Wow! Congratulations Spence! That’s amazing news.

    The biggest transition I have made so far was moving from a small country town of 14,000, halfway across the country to Sydney – a city of close on 6 million people – when I was 21.

    What made it easier was 1) I knew that God was in it. 2) unconditional support from my family.

    (I’m VERY thankful for God-fearing parents).

    It was the hardest, but best thing I’ve ever done.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Paula… that’s a huge move!!! My move is similar… 20 hours away. but i’m glad to have the same kind of support you had.

  • McNair WIlson

    We welcome you to sunshine and no oxygen, All the best on the new family—that’s the best reason to relocate. PLUS :: this little berg (“Springtown”) could use more actively creative folks. Compassion will also benefit from your creative energy roaming there halls more regularly. I’ll meet you at Jack Quinn’s for an orientation pint. @mcnairwilson:twitter

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks McNair! I’m ready for Jack Quinn’s and all of it’s goodness. I hope to get some time with you really soon!

  • Mmlehman

    Six years ago, I also left my Nashville family and headed to CA to live closer to man who is now my husband…and his three children. It tore my heart out to leave but it was by far the best decision of my life. Never knew life could be this good! Glad you are following your heart, Spence.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Marie… it’s going to be really tough pulling out of here. really tough… but i’m glad i’m on my way to grand new chapter. plus… your life in California… what great weather!! i’m looking forward to colorado and walking into a blended family:)

  • Anonymous

    How very exciting to be beginning a new stage of your life…and welcome to the wonderful ranks of step and blended family hood…Les and I wish you the very best, our ten years as a blended family has an amazing journey. Our prayers will go with you! Congratulations and Best wishes!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Sweetie!

  • Facebook User

    Hi Spence, I have been following you here and on twitter for the last year. Been so inspiring watching your journey from here in New Zealand. So excited for your new start. I am going to be doing a similar transition to London later in the year. So I will be praying for you to have a really great time and saying you are having a global impact with your blogging and that is great.

    All the best for your marriage and look forward to hearing more as you move through the changes. There are a few kiwis up where you are going to in business and who train up there for cycling so you may well meet some of our countrymen we are all about the team and hospitality so do say kia ora to them and you will get a warm welcome.


    am @bucketree on twitter

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Yvonne. Ah!!! I will say that if i run across them. how cool:) your move to london will be huge!! all the best to you as well and thanks for the support:) and following along. I’m following you now.

  • Debbie Barnett

    I am thrilled beyond words Spence… so happy for you!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks deb! I know you love indian food so… look out! you will have to come visit and let us treat you to the home made stuff:)

  • http://www.jondale.com Jon Dale

    Congratulations my friend!!! So excited for you.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks Jon! I’ll be calling real soon:)

  • http://taminprogress.com tam

    thrilled. beyond thrilled for you!

    biggest transition…hopefully, yet to come….

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Tam! I hope that transition happens!

  • http://www.gritandglory.com/ Alece

    I’m excited for you and this next season of your journey. I’m still hoping to land in Nashville and I sure will miss you there. but I am beyond thrilled for you and what lies ahead. congrats again, my friend.

    I know this post must’ve been so hard to write. thank you for sharing your heart so honestly and courageously.

    and my biggest transition? I’ve been living it for over 2 years. and I’m ready for the transitioning to stop!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

       Thanks Alece:) i know you will end up here and it will be the place for you… I’m sure you are so ready for no more transitioning! I will always be back… so i know i will see you!

  • Keith Stancil

    So happy for you Spence and Congratulations! IF you have to move, I would say Colorado Springs ain’t a bad place to live!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks Keith! I’m pretty excited about it:)

  • Anonymous

    Dude… Congratulations! I’m really happy for your news about you engagement. I’ll be praying for your transition.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      thanks Pat!!!

  • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylereed

    wow. well congrats on the big move, major life decision, and an exciting new place to live.

    That has to be tough, but knowing that you are moving for an amazing reason is awesome.

    I know for me the toughest transition I have made in a while was moving from St. Louis to Nashville. It wasn’t leaving St. Louis that was hard it was leaving family and friends. So I can understand those sentiments of struggling with all the things that seem to be left behind. But I know in that decision of trust God did some amazing things and is still doing those things.

    Congrats Spence

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Kyle… Much appreciated. I’m proud of you for making the move you did… I too think it is right for you to be here in nashvegas… You are a great networker and a cool guy to know.

  • http://twitter.com/PensieveRobin Robin Dance


    Gosh, I know how difficult a decision this was for you, not that it was really a decision when you consider all the implications for everyone, but still…something you had to come to terms with.

    I’m SAD I didn’t make sure we connected the last few times I was in Nash Vegas now! Durn. Missed opportunities. But mostly I’m excited for this great love of yours, that you’re moving to a place where Compassion is in your back yard (still), and to see you happy for “this” reason.

    Much love to you, I’m sure God has some plantin’ for you in the Springs ;).

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Robin! i know we haven’t had much time since India but i love following you everyday. I’m sure we will get more time down the road:)  yep… I’m pretty happy for this reason:)

  • http://pursuingyahweh.net Bryan Patrick


    All I can say is WOW! I can not imagine how hard it will be for you to make this transition. That is why your positive attitude and excitement inspire me all the more.

    The January 11th entry from Chamber’s “My Utmost for His Hightest,” is titled “What My Obedience to God Costs Other People.” This passage first came to me early on in my life of God calling me away and leaving behind what I held dear.

    From your words above, I can sense that you live what I’m about to say, so I say it as affirmation and encouragement. Move forward with God, pray for those you’ll leave behind. God will take care of each person in this transition.

    May his grace and peace follow you, Spence. And may your new family enable you to reach higher than you’ve ever reached before!


    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Wow Bryan… I don’t know what to say other than thanks… I love what you said and appreciate you words and prayers. thanks my friend.

  • Spirkee

    Very happy for you Spence! Much congrats as you jump on this adventure!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks!!! You know i’m going to be back… and sometimes to bug you with meetings:)

  • http://www.allaccess.com Jackie A. Chapman

    Spence, I’m going through a transition myself. Also leaving Nashville, after 13 years. It’s bittersweet but when the move is for a “dream job” that God put in my heart, how I can say “no thanks, I’ll stay comfy here”? All the best to you, my friend, and I’ll continue to see you online.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      WOW!!! All the best to you as well… Where are you going? what are you doing?

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.leavy Doug Leavy

    Spence, you KNOW how excited I am that you are moving out here and there is little doubt in my mind that with your personality and passion, it will be very easy for you to grow a community that you get to mentor and nurture just like Randy did in Franklin. I’m excited to see what God has in store for you and Krissy!

    Welcome to Colorado brother!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Doug… we are going to have a great time!

  • http://www.culturesmithconsulting.com cherylsmith

    Spence, congratulations on the marriage and the move. May God bless you as you follow Him for the next phase of the journey. And special blessings and prayers for grace as you blend a family with two children. (We’re blending with four. It’s been both harder and easier than I thought, but certainly doable.)

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Cheryl… I’m excited about the blending but know there are going to be some tough moments so i might be searching for a few pointers!

  • Kari

    Spence, I am so happy for you! Wow! Several big transitions goin on for you this year. Congratulations!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Kari! yes! it’s a big year!

  • @pckaufma

    Whoa – that is a big transition; it’s like 2 or 3 transitions all at once!

    So happy for you. I love following your training and travels on Twitter. You’ve been a real inspiration to me to keep a triathlon in my sights, even though life probably won’t permit it for another 2-3 years.

    My biggest transition – probably the 23 month stretch when my sister died, I met and married my wife, and we had a baby. Seventeen years later, my sister is still gone, that cute girl is still my wife, and the kid has his driving permit.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      wow! what a transition! thanks for the encouragement… and keep your eye on triathlon. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Makeda

    Congratulations Spence! I know this is bittersweet for you because I know how much your Nashville family means to you but the beauty of such close relationships is that often distance doesn’t change much except the frequency that you can get together. This new season of your life is going to be incredible and I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to read about in the months to come.

    I will be praying for you as you plan the wedding, make this move and settle into life as a blended family. I know God will be with you and I trust He will guide you every step of the way. Blessings to you my friend!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Makeda, thanks for you words of encouragement. It’s going to be bitter sweet for sure… but I love sweet so much more:) 

  • http://metamarketer.com/ Kate O’Neill, [meta]marketer

    Aw, man! You’ll sure be missed in Nashville, but you’re right: that’s a darn good reason. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! I hope the move turns out to be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Kate! You always keep me entertained on twitter so i know you are just a message away:) 

  • http://www.sweet-joni.blogspot.com Joni_In_MN

    WOW! What delightful news Spence! :-) In your pics, I saw the “love in the air” but hadn’t a clue it was happening so quick nor even knew where she lived! ha I send my CONGRATULATIONS to YOU BOTH with God’s Love attached to it along with many blessings that will be coming to you thru your marriage ex: 2 beautiful daughters & a lovely wife!!! Am excited to see new photos & hear about your transitioning period!!! :-)

    To answer your question ~ the biggest transition I’ve walked on this journey is MOVING half-way across country! :-) Going from a small town in Northern MN to a large city in Southern AZ only knowing ONE person at the time! And no it wasn’t for love either – ha. Was for the health of physical body! Warmer, dryer climate is FAR more better for me!!! Yes, I left numerous friends behind, tons of personal belongings, UPS’d some clothes & hoped on the Grayhound only to arrive in a NEW life full of diversity 3 days later! :-) The life that followed was exciting, challenging, & at times send guessing my decision of moving away from family! It lasted 10yrs until it was time to transition back to care for Mom after brother died. One day I’ll be going back!!! :-)

    Perhaps you both can be of greater service on the SCwSG team since closer to Paul & Diane & Gracie too…. teehee

    Best to you both & God Bless,
    Love & Hugs,

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Ha! Thans Joni… and what an encouraging story about your move. Love is in the air and we are so excited:) thanks again my friend!

  • http://www.sweet-joni.blogspot.com Joni_In_MN

    btw… sry forgot to add — not losing friends but gaining even more! :-)

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      soooo true!

  • Rachel

    Spence!  How exciting that you are moving to CO!  My husband and I are moving to Denver on June 20th!  Shortly after we’ll have a baby (July 7th)!  Hope to see you out there …

  • http://twitter.com/4himccm jennifer eckert

    Congrats on the new life…soon enough the running in Colorado will not be accompanied by your lungs hating you with every step.  Your tweets will now not include Merridee’s as often or other Franklin hot spots you’ve mentioned so often.  I’m excited to hear about the new stuff w/ Compassion.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Jennifer. I’m sure I’m in for another great adventure with this move.

  • http://twitter.com/pattymullins Patty Mullins

    Wow, Spence… that’s pretty big news.  Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!  Since we really only interact online things won’t change too much for me, but I do know a thing or two about moving around… and, you’re right, an extra prayer or two certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    You asked about big transitions… there have been several in my life.  Just going from being single to being married nearly 19 years ago was a pretty big adjustment.  Then adding a child… completely life altering!  Becoming a military spouse when Phillip decided to join the Air Force after being a “civilian” my whole life was… well, different.  We’ve only moved four times in the 15 years since he enlisted, but each time we’ve had to leave people that we had grown to love… that never gets easier.  We’ve welcomed two more children, and had to adjust to life with autism.  But the great thing about God is that He knows our needs before we do, He always comforts us when we’re broken, He delights in blessing us and He wants to bring joy to our lives.

    May He give you the strength you need to do what needs to be done in the next few weeks, may He comfort you in the times when you miss your dear friends and daily routines of Tennessee, and may He richly bless you as you enter a new season!

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Hey Patty… That’s some major transition and thanks for the encouragement. It’s so good knowing a little more about how people transition in life:) thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/thejquinn John Cordes

     Hey Spence, hope you’ll still be with us at #recreate12  Actually, there is as massive (as you probably already know) triathlon community in Colorado Springs.  But…they all run around 5:30/mile pace.  All the best in your move.  Congratulations on your new life.  


    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks John and yes, I will be at recreate12. @Randyelrod and I are already making plans for compassion.

      And running in the springs!!! Brutal! I know… They are fast there so I’m going to have to pick up my game!

  • http://www.mustardseedyear.com Jason Wert

     Congratulations, Spence.  I’m very happy to see these blessings unfolding in your life.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Jason!

  • Blake

    Spence … I love you and I am very happy for you. I will miss you. I do have to come and visit in CO now.

    • http://www.spencesmith.com Spence Smith

      Thanks Blake… I’ve loved the time I’ve gotten with you and i will miss you… now come to Colorado! I’ll be back here more than you think probably… and more purposeful in my time with people here like you!

  • Justinremkus

    Hey Spence I live in the Jackson Tn. area. I am married with three children. I have been doing alot of research about Colorado Springs and have recently visited and loved it. I am thinking of relocateing there to give my family more opportunity and much more to do as far as activities. I have been reading the different post and I am curious about how you feel about your relocation. I need prospective from a fellow Tennessean. Thanks

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