How One Piece Of Information Changed My Entire Perspective

When I moved to Colorado, one of the first things I did was join Life Time Fitness. It has everything I need to continue training for Triathlons along with one of the strongest cycling clubs in their system and a growing community of triathletes.


One of the big perks is they have an outdoor pool and an indoor pool for lap swimming. However, when I got in the pool I was frustrated how slow I was swimming. Sure, I hadn’t been training as much so I felt slower in the pool but something was off. Maybe it’s trying to swim at 7,000 feet is the problem? Or maybe I was just that much out of shape.

I’ll go with all of the above. No matter, I have since been very frustrated when I get in the pool. I was really missing the pool I swam in and the group I swam with in Brentwood, TN was even greater.

Until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago I started swimming with an organized group of masters triathletes at Life Time Fitness. We meet at least once a week and our swim coach gives us the workout to swim through. During our first workout with him, he started throwing out drills to us in meters… not yards. WHAT?!?!?

You see. This whole time of being at Life Time, I thought they were 25 yard pools. There are no postings anywhere about the length of the pool and it’s pretty easy to assume by the looks of things, these are 25 yard pools.

Nope… they are 25 meter pools!! For all of you non Yard/Meter people. A 25 meter pool is just a few yards longer than a 25 yard pool.

Well now this changes everything! No wonder my stroke length was longer. No wonder my 100 Yard average swim was long! Because it was 100 Meters!!!!

When I realized this during my workout, my whole outlook changed. I went from grumpy swimmer to happy swimmer. I really was on track with where I should be and with the work I needed to do to get faster. Ahhhhhh relief!!!!!!

Funny how the mind works right?

Did the physical distance change and get shorter? No. Did I suddenly get faster? No.

My perspective completely changed with one single shift of knowledge and everything became clear and obtainable.

What is it in your life that if one piece of info changed, your goals would seem more possible? What would happen to your outlook on frustrating parts of your life if you could shift the situation with one missing piece of information?

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in my life…

“If I had only known that one thing…”

I would have approached things differently.


The views expressed here are those of a personal nature and do not reflect the corporate view of my employer or anyone else who employee my services.
  • Bianca JuarezOlthoff

    Perspective is everything, right? Good job, Spence!

    • Spence Smith

      it is!!! thanks Bianca!

  • Jody Berkey

    So very true. A few weeks ago everything was going wrong. Then we were able to put one piece of the puzzle in. After that, we refocused our attention on another problem and solved that. Gradually, sometimes without even being aware of it, circumstances started to shift. Perspective is great like that.

    • Spence Smith

      Thanks Jody. I’m constantly reminding myself of that same thing.

  • Kumar Gauraw

    Wonderful story. Yes, a single piece of new information can change our entire outlook about things, situations or people. I have had many such instances that turned good things into bad and some not so good “future” events turned into blessings with just one new information on the subject. I can relate to this very very much. Thank you!

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