Empty Promises – Pete Wilson’s New Book

I’ve known Pete for a few years now. I’ve been a member at Cross Point Church when I lived in Nashville and I got to take him to India a few years ago. Pete is one of those guys you want to be your friend.

Not because he has great words of wisdom… he does.

Not because he has a big online following…

But because he is as down to earth as a person can get.

And… and here’s the big one for me…

He get’s the struggles we commonly face in life and has a way of talking about them that allows for open and honest conversation.

There’s nothing sugar coated, canned or disingenuous coming from Pete… Ever.

So when I heard about his second book, Empty Promises, I knew this is a book I must read.

I’ve experienced the lies of Empty Promises over and over again. It’s that part of life that’s hard to get over at times. It’s that part in life where some things don’t make sense…

I’m sure you have experienced them as well.

Today Pete’s book, Empty Promises, releases and is available to buy.

If this book is anything like having a conversation with Pete or listening to him give a great message… This book is going to be one that will have me sitting on every word.

I’ve grown tired of the Empty Promises in my life… and I’m most certainly tired of the Empty Promises I may have caused anyone in my life along the way.

Do yourself a favor.

Buy this book and read it.

I’m going to and report back later on what I thought and what I learned.

By the way… Thanks Pete for putting yourself out there like you do.

Your example is great and encouraging.

You can also check out the book trailer here.



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