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Meeting Goals Through A Series Of Challenges

I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more I need to set goals and challenge myself more in the process of meeting my goals. When I’m setting goals through out the year, I tend to think of my year in seasons. Yes… I know we have four seasons of the year […]

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Sometimes Proud Is The Only Word That Describes It

I’ve been running for years now… Training and competing in triathlons for the past few years. After running my first half marathon, I thought I was done. Ok… checked that off the list. Now what. Well then I wanted to do another race… then another… then another. I caught the bug. I transitioned into triathlon […]

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Four Steps To Running Injury Free

I often get asked about how to work through the different aches and pains of running. So I’m going to give you what has worked for me. I am not a doctor or a professional trainer of any kind so please… Anything I say here is strictly my opinion. I’ve had several running injuries. IT […]

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Three Reasons To Have A Running Partner

I’ve been running for years now. I love to run but I never started out loving it. In triathlon it’s my worst of the three sports. I’ve had to grow into loving it the way I do. But just know, my relationship with running is sometimes a love/hate relationship. However… I improve the most when […]

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