Building Quality Over Quantity Wins Every Time

The more I dive into relationships online and offline, I notice the people I engage with are like a good wine. They get better with time.

I have a lot of friends… a few different circles of friends and honestly, it’s really tough for me to maintain all of the relationships I want to be tied into. But that’s ok… I do what I can and time with friends come and go. It’s the way life happens.

That’s why the time I do have with friends is precious to me. It’s about the quality time we have and the qualities we value in each other. The influence we have in each others lives is priceless, inspiring and makes me strive to be… well… a quality guy. I would rather have quality friends who believe in me and support me rather than quantities of people I know who I can’t engage with.

Back when twitter first started it was all about seeing how many followers you could get to influence the most people possible. But today, and back then… but much more importantly today… it’s about the quality of your followers.. not the quantity. Are they sneezers? Do they believe in you and support you? or are they taking up space in your follower column..

When it comes to your blog readers… a high number of readers is awesome… but if they are quality readers, then it’s even better. If they engage with you and spread what you have to say to their friends, then it’s even more amazing. As Randy Elrod says… It’s influencing influencers…

The quality of who you are and who you interact with will affect what you do or say… or have said online. So if your goal is to reach the masses.. The quality of your content HAS to come first.

However, if you aren’t putting out quality content… then what’s the point?

Your content is the foundation of quality online but if you want it to spread like wildfire and go viral, then you need quality tools to take you and your quality followers and readers to the next level.

Here’s a good place to start… check out what Michael Hyatt is saying about The Anatomy Of An Effective Blog Post and Four Actions You Can Take Now To Dramatically Increase Your Blog Traffic and what Randy Elrod asks about Twitter, Do You Make These Ten Common Twitter Mistakes?

How do you build quality into your online world and offline world? Are you engaged and are you equipped with the tools you need?


The views expressed here are those of a personal nature and do not reflect the corporate view of my employer or anyone else who employee my services.
  • Lindsey Nobles

    Really convicted by this in the area of…my relationships. I suspect I need to do serious pruning. So I'm not so…all over the place. Literally.

    • Spence Smith

      I know what you mean… I feel stretched as well at times. it's tough. I'm not good at it but i see what needs to happen on the other side of it.

  • Jason

    "However, if you aren’t putting out quality content… then what’s the point?"

    That's a great question, Spence. There were times I felt I had to just put something out there because I had to blog daily and it led to some real garbage being posted. Now, I try to make sure there is something worth taking away from each post even if it's just a much needed light moment in the day. So far, it hasn't really helped blog traffic much but I believe if I keep striving for quality eventually God will have it reach who it needs to reach.

    • Spence Smith

      That's good Jason. I think content first id most important. Eventually it will get read by more and more people. Keep it up!

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