For years I’ve been describe as an influencer, connecter, early adopter, innovator and creative. These are just a few of the tools in my box for doing business and at the core of who I am personally. As we tend to do over time, we change and that is certainly something that continues  to happen in my own life. There’s always change.

Never being one to settle I’m always looking to improve who I am and how I do things. That said, the one thing that has been a constant need, challenge and struggle has been the desire to feel healthy and be fit.

I, like many of you, have always thought fitness comes to those who workout and train their bodies to be in some sort of shape. But for all that I’ve been able to do in the endurance world, the core part of my fitness was not a solid foundation of health. On a physical level, I appeared to be able to do a lot, but at any moment the wheels could come off internally and my health could go down hill pretty fast.

I didn’t see the signs. I ignored the advice to watch what I ate and drank. Eventually, this all started to catch up with me. It was affecting my focus, my thought process, my drive, my caring about the deeper parts of life, my relationships, my job, my sleep. You name it. I can look back now and see how every touch point of my life was affected by my own health. On the inside I was a wreck. 

A couple of years ago after taking a year off from training and racing in triathlon, I decided to start with a new coach; dive back into triathlon but with different goals and boundaries. My coach, Dr. Amanda Stevens, is a professional triathlete and a M.D. Her knowledge of how the body works internally as it relates to endurance sports is fascinating. What I didn’t know was Amanda would refocused my fitness goals as health goals where the end result has been not only a better fitness level but the ability to make healthier choices.  

It started with 2 weeks of ridding my body of some bad stuff and getting me started on a foundation of making smart choices for what I ate. The sugar cravings went away, my dependance on dairy as gone, my energy levels started to come back - I started to feel new again. 

The impact this has had on my life is what I was to share in this blog with you. Why? Today I’m a first time father in my forties. I could not imagine raising a family and being unhealthy. When I’m sitting in a high school graduation at 61, I want to know I’ve given everything I’ve got to being present and able in the life of my family in the healthiest way possible. It’s important that we as dads do everything we can to be the heartiest we can be to take care of those around us. Don’t you think?

Of all that I have done, the title of Father is probably the one I’m most proud of and has completely changed my life.

That’s why Healthy.Fit.Fatherhood are three important words in my life.

As I unfold this journey on my blog, I hope you are encouraged and inspired to do more with what you have, make healthy choices and be intentional about the life you are living. None of this comes easy for me but that’s what a journey is all about.

Below is a little more history of my life.

Thanks for reading along! 

For the past 20 years of my life, I have worked in the music industry. First as the co-founder and drummer for  Big Tent Revival. Second as an Artist Relations Director for Compassion International. Both have been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined but never did I see they were all a platform in which I’ve been able to develop into who I am today.

Along the way, I became someone who connects people either for mutual business purposes or because they would find a lot in common as friends. This life has given me the ability and time to mentor others, brainstorm ideas, work through ideas and see them take on a life of their own. In the most recent years, I’ve taken on another life as a blogger and social media consultant. I cofounded a one day seminar on social media while consulting artists, authors and speakers in how to harness the power of the digital revolution. On occasion I get to work with companies as they are starting up and help them get there social media life started. The guys at Skratch Labs are a great result of that effort. I'm very proud of them and love what they do. This site used to have over 600 posts on it until one day I lost all those posts while fixing my site when it was hacked. OOPS!! Time to start over.

My life involves a lot of travel which has taken me into Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and yes, even that small little town in the middle of nowhere probably in your state that no one has ever heard of. For me there’s nothing like a freshly cleaned airplane cabin waiting to take us on another adventure.

The outlet that helps me bring life more into focus, gives me energy and keeps me a little more sane than the day before is triathlon. I love triathlon. I’ve completed over 35 triathlons including an Ironman and Half Ironman. Several half marathons,10k’s and 5k’s. It’s one of those areas in life I can push myself and learn how I’m reacting to the environment around me, my body and work through how my mind processes the goals at hand. Plus it just makes me happy. I love to write about the process and the many life lessons that come from training and racing. Plus, I love all things Skratch Labs and Newton Running Shoes.

So, when you visit my blog or sign up to receive my posts in your inbox, I will be writing about the life lessons I pull from fatherhood, triathlon, travel, social media and well… experiencing life itself.