A New Way Of Running

When it comes to triathlons, my worst of the three sports is running. For those of you who know me, you must be wondering why it’s my worst of the three when I run so often. Well… Let’s just say it’s always been a struggle for me. Which is one of the reasons I got into triathlons in the first place.

Over the past year, I decided to focus more on running so I could one day love it as much as biking and swimming. I have to say… I’m getting there. I love to run… But I want to be a faster and stronger.

I read a great book called Born To Run by Christopher McDougall right after my first Ironman and was completely inspired to change the way I run. Rather than go the barefoot or Vibram running route, I opted for the next best thing in natural running… my new favorite running shoes made by Newton Running Company which I bought at the Newton headquarters in Boulder, CO.

I’m using the Sir Isaac Neutral Guidance Trainer by Newton and they are perfect for the new way I’m learning to run.

What is this new way?

These shoes are made to help change my running posture so that I land on the midfoot/forefoot area instead of my heel first, which is not good for your knees or your posture. The new way feels more natural and the stride is easier to maintain. I ran 13 miles in them last week and loved every step.

Here’s the thing though.

I’m always looking for areas to improve. Always. Whether it’s in the triathlon sport or my life in general. I’m always looking.


Because change helps us to move forward.

If I’m not challenging myself to change my bad habits, then I don’t grow into the person I know I’m capable of being. The same goes for sports…. or anything else for that matter.

I’ve been a bad habit runner. Poor form. But I know I’m capable of running faster and more efficiently. I can do it if I apply myself and am patient with the process.

Now that I’m learning a new way, I’m getting faster and stronger.

Funny how life tends to be the same way right?

Have any habits you are in process of changing into good habits?

Remember… Change is good. It will show you a different way to run through life.


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  • http://www.lindseynobles.com Lindsey_Nobles

    No bad habits to speak of ;)

    This is really good. It is important to remember that we have to be intentional about changing our bad habits, that they don't change themselves.

    • SpenceSmith

      Yes… i think you are right. We have to remember to always be intentional. Nothing in my life seems to change on it's own. thanks Linds!

  • http://randyelrod.com Randy Elrod

    As your fellow runner, I must admit it's hard to consider new types of shoes. I'm an Asics man myself and have been for many years. Wow. i sound like a church person, "I'm a hymn person myself, have been for many years." Yikes!!!

    For being known as a change agent, I'm very stuck in some of my ways. Maybe Sir isaac (and you) are on to something. Hmmm….

    • SpenceSmith

      ha!!! well see… you are a well seasoned runner with good running habits in your form… i'm just trying to keep up!!! You are always showing me new ways to form good habits in my life:)

      thanks for the comment!

  • http://jamesbrett.wordpress.com jamesbrett

    after a couple of ironmans, i also read 'born to run' by mcdougal. and i've also made a switch. i tried to go to completely barefoot running but the dirt roads and goat trails i run on here in tanzania wouldn't allow it. so now i'm running in a pair of aqua socks by cudas. they're incredibly minimal and only cost me about $20 a pair. here's a link:

    as for changing bad habits into good ones, i used to read the bible for knowledge alone. [most of modern american christianity lends itself towards this.] but now i'm reading the bible for obedience. and i'm finding that this one new habit has a tendency to change lots of other bad habits to good.

    • SpenceSmith

      Wow James! I've never seen those shows. How are those working out for you? As for reading the Bible out of obedience… that's such a good reminder of why to read it… i think i might need to work on that one as well…

      thanks for your comment!

      • http://jamesbrett.wordpress.com JamesBrett

        the shoes are great. i’ve run a couple of half-marathons in them, and they wear fine. i can only get about 250 miles per each pair, but that’s not bad at all for the price. i just was hearing so much about minimal shoe companies, yet was still seeing small toe-boxes and lots of padding — so i thought, “why not try something cheaper and less shoe-like.” i like them a lot.

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  • http://anam-cara.typepad.com Shelia

    Like you, I frequently find myself learning lessons in running that apply to life. Love that you are enjoying your Newtons. But, I know that you are secretly jealous that you can't have pink ones like mine. ;) Godspeed.

    • SpenceSmith

      Yep…i feel like i'm always learning something new from running. It's that process of pushing yourself that makes you evaluate what is really important in life at the time.

      But oh the pink ones… my first pair where neon green!!! now i'm in white with a little orange:)

      thanks for the comment!

  • SpenceSmith

    Hannah… You need to go to their store in boulder.. it's at their HQ. they have tons of demos to try. they rock!

  • Trey Chandler

    I also read the book and tried the Vibrams. They are great for short (3-5 mile) runs, especially on soft trails. I look at them like working out with weights. You wouldn't wear them every day, just like you wouldn't just do bench press everyday. At our age, it seems all gains are slow. But, I am optimistic for both of us. Are you doing Ironman Arizona next year?

    • SpenceSmith

      Yes Trey… All gains are very slow! HA!!! I'm going to do Ironman Canada. Are you doing florida? Are you coming to recreate?

      • Trey Chandler

        I did Florida last year. Next year is Arizona. I am hoping to come to recreate, and will know soon. Hope to see you then.